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OPTnation Career and Recruitment Resource

One of the major leading figures in the area of career and recruitment services, OPTnation has taken up the torch of knowledge to guide international students to mold a career in the USA. With technologies and support systems that suit both employers’ and candidates’ needs, OPT nation connects employers and candidates to their best suitable candidate profile and most appropriate job advertisements respectively.

What Services OPTnation Offers to Candidates:

OPT job board for F1 Candidates

What matters the most for an international student studying in the US? You are right!!! It is an OPT or a CPT job. The F1 Candidates who are on a search mode for all such job postings find it tough to get an apt job suiting their study area. The condition is the same for the candidates holding H1B, EAD, CPT, J1 visa, etc.  Including the international candidates, OPTnation also focuses on job seekers and students on GC, USC for their career enhancement, and getting a job. The OPTnation provides the best Job board which is constantly updated to bring maximum vacant job positions to the public’s view.

Career Services for Candidates or Jobseekers:

With the best job vacancies to apply for, OPTnation brings a great reservoir of placements for every international student as well as US students. Next foremost thing is to apply and get placed in good organizations. This needs you as students to have well-written resumes. Faking yourself on the resume will only make a bad impression on the employers seeking you out. Also, if any facts are being faked, there is a high chance that you might come under the scanners of DHS. The OPTnation provides resume services that help boost placement chances.

Resume services that we provide for the candidates:

1.       Resume priority Service

Candidates on OPT, CPT, GC, H1B, USC, etc find it quite difficult to find the perfect job, even as most job scenarios are upturned. OPTnation provides a priority service that helps you get noticed by the best organizations out there. With this service, your resume will be in highlight for the next 15 days, this increases the visibility to every employer, improving your chance of getting placed.

2.       Resume Blast Service

Another one of our services, OPTnation provides resume blasting. Normally when you post your resume, they will reach only those employers who search for keywords matching in your resume. Blasting services help you reach in front of many of the employers to get their instant attention. A single click of a button will help you boost your resume viewers from more than 8000 registered employers instantly.

3.       100 % Job Placement programs with Training Support

Simply giving out resumes doesn’t make the cut. What makes you reach the top list is your performance in interview and related programs. The job placement program will guide you to know the least-known elements of the recruitment drive to become the winning candidate. This goes hand in hand. The goal of the placement program is to deliver the best opportunities to all the graduates and job seekers looking for Jobs in the USA including USC, GC, OPT, EAD, H1B, and more.

What Services OPTnation Offer to Employers:

OPT Resume Database for Employers

OPTnation puts out resources for employment for students eligible for OPT/CPT jobs to get the best jobs. Similarly, the employers are also provided with the best resources such as a resume database for fulfilling all the needs. If you are one of the employers on the lookout for OPT/CPT resumes, you are at the right place. OPTnation provides a database of candidates’ resumes eligible for OPT/CPT. The OPT candidates’ resume database is fully verified so that employers receive only verified and genuine resumes.

The resume database services come with packages. Employers can select a plan most suitable to their organizational growth. From 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year, These packages offer varieties of services such as viewing a variant number of resumes per day, variant user access depending on the plan. You can also contact us personally to customize the number of resumes being viewed for any plans selected. OPTnation also provides the service of unlimited job posting for all the employers availing of our services.

Join us for a better career!!

With all these services for both employers and candidates, we are on the topmost liked list with both these categories of people. Through us, Candidates find their best OPT jobs and employers find their best OPT candidates.

If you are a candidate in search of OPT jobs or an employer wanting to recruit the best candidates for your OPT job vacancies, Select OPTnation. We are the best choice for your better growth.

Neil Thomas

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