About Us

Recruitment is not just a process of giving an interview and getting selected for the position. It involves much more than dynamics such as understanding the hiring process, realizing the exact requirement of a job profile, preparing oneself for an interview than just these simple moves. This was the motivation behind why we created Recruit Desi.

We, at Recruit Desi, have a plethora of writers in the recruitment field with us. With their expert advice and suggestions, we wish to help you land your dream job. We collaborate with the best gurus in each field to provide the utmost important content from your perspective.

Our major lookout through this blog will be:

  • To put together all the important matters with regard to job recruitment in the U.S.
  • To provide you with career advice through blog content which best suits you individually.
  • To help you out in understanding the legalities behind major student visas.

At Recruit Desi, we believe that no relation can be one-way communication and no advice can be ‘all talk and no listen’. With a team of dedicated writers who constantly update themselves as per the changing norms and job scenarios, we believe that empathy, alongside hard work, proper skills, and a proper ‘workable’ direction, will help anyone land a good job.