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Eligibility Categories for Types of Green Card Immigrants

Eligibility Categories for Types of Green Card for Employment Based Immigrants

Many foreign nationals look forward to work in the USA and many US employers want their specialized skills in their firms. For these employers, the US government has provided a provision of Green cards on the basis of employment.. This is called an Employment-Based Green Card. It is termed as EB visa categories. US government has issued a permit to foreign nationals legally working or residing in USA to gain access to Permanent Residency under EB visa categories. There are 5 sub types of Green Card. Let us go through them one by one and understand the eligibility criteria for these sub-categories.

Types of Employment Based Green Card:

1.    EB-1 for Experts and extremely able individuals

This category of Employment-based visa category is for ones who have exceptional abilities in the field of science, art, business, sports, education. This category also includes expounders or professors in each field. Basically, this category is for giving out eligibility to individuals who are internationally acclaimed in their sector of working. It is also applicable to certain upper management members of Multinational organizations such as executives or managers.

2.    EB-2 for Qualified personnel with proper higher education or individuals with extraordinary abilities

A category that has been put up to cater to those with abilities to improve or benefit the nation with regards to culture-based activities, education, or the nation’s economy. Personnel with about 5 years of experience can apply for this category. Those who have advanced education can also apply through this category.

3.    EB-3 for Skilled laborers, professional workers as well as unskilled workers.

This category is for people who have at least two years of training experience. It also considers people who have done an undergraduate degree or some vocational courses. It also caters to workers who are unskilled in the sectors which aren’t widely seen in the USA and have sufficient expertise in their field.

4.    EB-4 is reserved for special immigrants

This is a special category. It serves only a certain set of people with particular requirements. Religious personnel can take up visas visa this category. It also includes employees, Present and former included, of the US government from abroad and people who worked as translators for the Armed forces of the USA in Afghanistan and Iraq

5.    EB-5 for Investors

This category of EB Visa category is solely focused on investors and entrepreneurs from foreign nationals. The Investment in the US economy of more than $1,000,000 and the creation of more than 10 permanent jobs. It is to be noted that in some special situations, these criteria are brought down to $500,000 and the creation of 5 permanent job positions.

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These are the major categories of EB based visa available with the US government. These types of Green Card help the USA to bring individuals who are beneficial to the nation’s improvement. This includes the EB-1, BE-2, EB-3 categories.Eb-1 is an elite category. EB-4 and EB-5 are special classes. Most of the people will be eligible to apply under EB-2 and EB-3 categories.

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