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5 Things Recruiters should Look For While Shortlisting Resumes

With an increasing population, there has been an increase in the demand to supply ratio with regards to jobs. Recruiters have a tough time sorting through the piles of resumes for a few numbered job positions.

Many a time, resumes become a battlefield of words to impress the recruiters. Some of the resumes have no much matter to speak but are presented in such beautiful fonts and formats. This literally makes one cringe.

These resumes have nothing much with regards to proper quality matter which the recruiters are actually searching for. This makes it tougher as each resume requires proper scrutiny.

What should a resume speak? Its words are all about understanding the individual from a work perspective. The sections added should also give value to the individual’s educational qualification, working experience, and personal creative interests among others. All of these are very important lookout for the recruiter.

It becomes more important to focus on certain details to filter and get the best quality crowd for your firm. What are these qualities? What are these traits that a recruiter needs to observe in a prospective candidate’s resume?

This article is all about

What to look for in a resume as a Recruiter?

1. Candidate’s outlook towards achieving results

Everyone wants a prospective individual who always puts results in front of their work. As a recruiter, keep an eye out for candidates speaking about their works with results.

Having some measure of success stories in a candidate’s profile will add more credibility to your intuition in taking a candidate for a job. While passing through such well-detailed candidates’ resumes, it is good to keep them aside for a second look.

2. Career gaps

You will come across many resumes that show a break in their working pattern. See to it that you don’t generalize it for them being slack or something similar.

Everyone has their phases. Some take breaks for family reasons, some for business startups, illness, or simply checking out their options. Give them the benefit of doubt and understand their stand.

This will help you in knowing how they cope in situations and their immediate response. Some may fake it. But see to it that the genuine ones don’t slip off your hand.

3. Experience

This goes without saying. Experience for a job position is the basic criteria for applying for a post. Even a month’s experience in any field should be much appreciated.

With the plethora of resumes, it would be better to select the ones who have even a tad bit of experience in the area of work similar to the job profile description.

An individual who has more prospects in terms of career growth can be understood from their experience than from their education. This is especially true for positions that need a higher experience.

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4. Diverse talents

This is one of the major important things after finding your prospective individual with all the required technical skills. Nontechnical skills are equally important for a job position.

This is because a job is never done in solitary but in conjunction with teams. It is imperative that the concerned person is able to communicate with people.

In connection with this, keep a lookout for their hobbies and interests, being creative alongside being a team player should be your major lookout. You want an all-round individual that makes it important to retain them for the firm.

5. Online presence

In the age of networking, net worth or social presence matters a lot. As a recruiter, try to understand the thinking of every candidate from this perspective.

Visit their social media profile and try to understand their subjective behavior. Other than this, have look through their online portfolios. The reason why this is important is a person’s interest is a major interest and a concern for the company.

If an individual has a mindset that can easily fuse with the company mindset, then that person is an asset to be kept.


Other than these points, keywords also offer a good idea for taking up a resume. Search for such keywords in the resume which match the job position and then sort the entire resume pile with it. This will help you remove a larger number of individuals containing improper resume detailing.

The resumes are said to be the first-hand impression of the concerned person. But understanding a person solely from their resume is tough. But in the case scenario where one job position has more than anticipated applications, then the recruiter has to bring in a basic filter based on their resume. Once, this filter is done, shortlisted candidates for an interview can be taken on as easily with a better perspective of each of them.

Everyone needs to be given a chance. That being said, it is humanely impossible to interview each and every one of the candidates. Also, some basic understanding of a person’s diligence and work capabilities can be seen through their resumes. The best resumes bring out the charisma that an individual holds.

Neil Thomas

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