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how to sponsor an employee for work visa

Dealing with a business or association isn’t simple. An employer needs to face many things to manage the business well. What makes an organization better is its pool of employees. With the development of the firm, employers need to bring in the best in the concerned fields. In the search for the best, employers may go in search of people from the global talent pool when the local talent pool doesn’t satisfy their requirements.

To fulfill this need, organizations in the USA look to foreign employees who are capable enough to justify the job position that opened up. US government provides a facility under its VISA category know as the employer-sponsored Green card. This facility is for bringing them and then allowing them to be green card holders with rights only less than US citizens themselves.

In association with this, employers also hire foreign workers from international students studying in the USA. This is done on the basis of a Work authorization or work visa status. Normally an international student comes to the USA on the status of F1 student visa status.

Other than a Green card comes the H1B visa. This visa is very famous among foreign workers. As per the rules, this visa gives 3 years of work authorization. This can be further extended by 3 years.

Understanding H1B Visa

H1B visa is the type of visa provided by the US government for those who come over to the USA as temporary workers. It is an employment-based, non-immigrant visa. It is provided to only those holding specialty occupational education or training. A person interested in having this visa must be a holder of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational qualification. Besides this, they must also be well versed in the theoretical and practical aspects of their subject of specialization.

There is a limit set by the government of the United States of America to the number of H1B visa approved in a year. While this number can fluctuate as per the government rules and regulations, It is 65000 quotas. In addition to this, there are about 20000 quotas for the people who have completed their master’s degree in the USA.

Understanding Employment-based Green card

Having a Green card means that you become a permanent resident in the land under the federal government of the United States of America. Permanent residents hold rights just below that of a normal US citizen. They also have an added advantage over other foreign work visa holders. They can become citizens of the US over time by the process known as Naturalization. hence, this method holds great value in the eyes of many.

The green card comes in different variants such as Family-based Green card, employment-based green card, etc. here we will talk about Employment-based green card. This category comes with 5 sub-categories from EB-1 to EB-5. Each category has its own criteria.

EB-1 is for priority workers. EB-2 is for those with higher studies. EB-3 is for a professional, skilled worker, or unskilled worker. EB-4 is for a special class of immigrants. EB- 5 is for investors. People mostly look forward to the EB-1 and EB-2 category of EB based GC. To know more about EB based Green card, here is an employer’s guide to hiring candidates with green card sponsorship.

Wrapping Up

What matters the most for an organization, is finding the best among individuals who can be their employees for their workforce. This helps them in boosting the environment in their working area to become more efficient. The employers can bring up talent from either the local or the global pool of talent.

With options varying from a simple work authorization to a work visa to employer-sponsored GC, Employers have found the best talents to help boost the company’s worth and brand. An organization with a global culture is well appreciated and well-received.

Neil Thomas

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